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Swimming Pool

HOURS: Sunrise - Sunset

  • No smoking

  • No diving​

  • Swim at your own risk

  • No food or glass in pool or in fenced area

  • No beverages in pool or within 5 feet of the water’s edge

  • Shower poolside each time prior to using pool

  • Only swim-safe diapers in pool

  • Children (12 & under) must be accompanied by an adult

  • No running in pool area

  • Chairs and lounges must be covered with a towel when you are in swim attire

  • Pool capacity 17 persons​

  • No lifeguard on duty


Shuffleboard Courts

HOURS: Sunrise - Sunset

Grill Stations

  • For community resident use only

  • Grill must be attended at all times

  • Supervise children around the hot grill

  • Check the surrounding area for flammable debris

  • Make sure all knobs are in the OFF position before
    leaving grilling area​

  • Clean grills and grilling area after each use

  • Please place all trash in the trash receptacles

  • Be courteous with your time if others are waiting
    to use the grills


Laundry Rooms

HOURS: 8am - 10pm  
COST: Washer $2.00   Dryer $1.25

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